34 international and local organizations, institutions and companies have declared their willingness to cooperate in the fight against online piracy in response to globalization of online crime. The announcement of mutual support and exchange of experiences is the subject of the Warsaw Declaration developed during the International Content Protection Summit in Warsaw.

Participants of the meeting discussed the specificity and scale of piracy in individual countries and the current ways of opposing this practice. They discussed legal and operational aspects of the activities, including cooperation with the advertising market and payment agents in order to reduce the illegal circulation of video content. Talks show that websites should be blocked. Educational activities, initiatives sensitizing to the problem of violations of intellectual property rights should also be undertaken.

120 representatives of organizations, institutions and companies from all over Europe as well as other continents took part in ICPS. Attended people from Belgium, Denmark, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Latvia, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Italy, United Arab Emirates and the United States. (ns)

Source: https://vodnews.pl/deklaracja-warszawska-miedzynarodowa-wspolpraca-kluczem-do-walki-z-piractwem/

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