Vimeo has been ordered to pay 8.5m in compensation for not removing copyrighted television programs.

In a judgement issued by the Commercial Court of Rome on January 10, 2019, Vimeo received an order for payment of 8.5m plus court fees to RTI, a company owned by the Italian media giant Mediaset.

According to the verdict, Vimeo allowed publication of copyrighted TV content on its platform and did not remove it as the law requires. The Court described Vimeo as a video on demand service for RTI content, to the detriment of the company.

In addition to removing the content in question, Vimeo will also have to be proactive in the future, by preventing new unauthorized content from being uploaded. If the platform does not comply it will have to pay additional 1,000 for each offense and an additional 500 for each day when the content remains available on Vimeo. (ns)


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