In Europe, 49% of young residents (aged 15 to 24) regularly download pirated content from the web, which is 11% less compared to 2016. According to a study conducted by the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Poles took 23rd place in the ranking “Piracy on the Web”. 19% of people admitted to be streaming movies and downloading music from piracy sites.

There is a new large-scale TV piracy business in Poland too. Pseudo-traders buy “lines” from Chinese sellers on AliExpress and then redistribute illegitimate receivers on local portals, earning 200-300 Polish zloty from each transaction. Record piracy redistributors offer up to 10,000 channels from 82 countries, and no legitimate platform can compete this.

In Poland, the biggest problems with piracy is related with Canal+ Platform due to the television rights to sport events (Premier League, Bundesliga, LaLiga), movies (FOX) and Canal+ 4K Ultra HD channel. Cyfrowy Polsat is in the second place in terms of piracy in Poland.

According to market estimates, illegal IPTV providers in Europe earn up to 1 billion euro a year, and 13.7 million EU citizens use pirated IPTV. (ns)


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