Among Polish Internet users, the most popular streaming services are, Netflix, and – according to IRCenter. The number of Internet users watching content on multiple screens is growing, and Netflix is the highest rated VOD platform on our market.

According to the surveys carried out in 2018, the highest percentage of Polish Internet users – 29%, declared use of the website. Netflix was ranked second in terms of popularity, currently viewed by 21% users. On the next places are and watched by 20% of the respondents.

Another conclusion drawn is the fact that Internet users watch VOD on more than one type of device. The most multi-channel service is Netflix: 5 out of 10 internet users watch it on a TV, 6 out of 10 on a computer, and almost 3 out of 10 on smartphones. The most televised platform is Cyfrowy Polsat – it is watched on TV by 75%. users.

Considering coverage, the leader is, which was visited by 4 million Internet users, 3,36 million users have Netflix and Premium section on – 3,18 million. has 3 million users, 2,92 million the VoD section on and the video section of – 2,22 million.

In 2018 Netflix had 42,05 million views, VoD department on – 34,45 million, Premium – 29,99 million, and – 25,16 million. (ns)


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