In the summer of 2012, the FBI took down three pirate Android app ‘stores’, such as Appbucket, Applanet, and SnappzMarket. Some of the people connected to the Android app sites were arrested, indicted, and even imprisoned.

After six years all cases that we know of have now been closed. The final case just concluded, resulting in a six month prison sentence. It concerned Gary Sharp, who was indicted in two separate cases. He worked as a super moderator on Applanet’s servers and Facebook page and in SnappzMarket, he was dealing with finances and the administrative side of the operation.

From the beginning he confirmed his involvement with this sites, also he provided the FBI with detailed background information and testified in the trial of another defendant. Thanks to his cooperation, he received a shortened sentence of up to 6 months prison sentence, which begins on July 14th. (ns.)


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