Police in UK, Denmark and Spain in cooperation with Europol carried out the largest operation against pirate IPTV network in history. The police carried out 14 inspections, including eight in Spain, four in Denmark and two in Great Britain. Due to operation five people have been arrested and accused with a crime of money laundering, fraud and violation of intellectual property rights.

The investigation began after a complaint filed by the British Premier League in 2015 against a website based in Malaga, offering IPTV subscription packages providing “a multitude of international conditional access channels”. Illegal activities included the provision of over 800 television channels, content on demand and radio stations. Packages cost 40 euros per month and can go up even to 460 euros.

During the operation the police disconnected 66 servers involved in the crime, they also have identified 11 “farms” of servers, some of which contain more than 44 servers. The police estimated that the people behind the operation had earned around 8 million euros, and 1.6 million euros had been allocated to companies abroad since 2013. (ns)

Source: https://torrentfreak.com/pirate-iptv-police-across-europe-carry-out-largest-ever-operation-190322/


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