Champions League, similar to other football events has always high viewership. But the users do not only use legitimate sources. It was just anounced that during the whole season of Champions League 2018 more than 5 000 illegal streams were found with over 5 million total views.

Irdeto analyzed the number of illegal streaming during such events to find 5 100 pirated streams with full matches of which 40 percent came from social media including Facebook, Twitter, gathering 4 893 902 viewers in total. The second most popular were streams on traditional sports pirate sites where 2 121 streams were found. In addition to it, 886 streams were transmitted through KODI.

There are several risks connected with pirate streaming sites. People engaged in streaming sites are very often responsible for money laundering. On the other hand ordinary users may have their computer or smartphone infected by a virus or other malware. (ns)


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