RIAA has sent a Cloudflare – a cloud hosting company – a court order to provide information about Chomikuj.pl. The company has to provide information such as: physical addresses, IP addresses, e-mail addresses as well as the history of settlements between companies.

Despite millions of reported copyright infringements, the RIAA only refers to three violations connected with “Karma Kameleon” by Culture Club, “Chains of Love” by Erasure and “Edge of Heaven” by Wham! and George Michael.

The website’s authors have been defending for years that they do not put illegal content on the website, but only give users freedom, which they do not always use in the right way. Chomikuj claims to responds to any individual copyright infringement and to quickly remove sensitive content. Until now, this argument was enough for Chomikuj to be a safe harbour. (ns)

Source: https://www.spidersweb.pl/2019/06/riaa-idzie-po-chomikuj-pl.html

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