Anyone who records or transmits films without permission can get a three-year prison sentence or a fine of  US $14,000 in India these days.

India has a serious piracy problems connected with their thriving movie market that is famous both in the country and abroad. The production counts about 1000 movies every year and most of the titles are very quickly pirated and transmitted illegally. Very often just after a couple of hours since official release movies are already available on pirate sites. Most of the pirate content is recorded in cinemas on smart phones and cameras.

To deal with this unlicensed copying, at the beginning of 2019 the Indian government proposed amendments to the Act on Cinematography to protect the local film industry. As a penalty for pirates, it was established a three-year prison sentence or a maximum fine of US $14,000.

Even though this amendment to the Act on Cinematography may have deterred many people from breaking the law, huge torrent site TamilRockers seems to continue working as usual despite of massive court order which blocked dozens of ISPs. (ns.)


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