On October 8, Polish police detained a 24-year-old resident of Bialystok, who has been illegally sharing on his website over 10,000 movies and series for the period of four years. At the same time, the piracy site fili.cc stopped working. Nevertheless, the police did not officially confirm that this was the owner of fili.cc who has been detained.

On the spot the police secured computer equipment, hard disks, servers, cryptocurrency hardware wallets and cash in the amount of PLN 42,000. The amount of almost PLN 180,000 that was kept on bank accounts belonging to the 24-year-old was also blocked.

It was estimated that films and series, which were illegally shared on fili.cc, generated losses to film distributors of over PLN 3 million. The website had 300 thousand registered users.(ns.)

Source: https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/fili-cc-nie-dziala-zamkniety-dlaczego-policja-zatrzymala-wlasciciela-pirackiego-serwisu-z-bialegostoku

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