Trevon Maurice Franklin, a resident of California, can be sent to prison even up to one year. This 21 years old man posted Deadpool on Facebook just two days after the official premiere. Using the nickname „Tre-Von M.King” he had the impression of being anonymous but he was wrong. His post gathered 6,386,456 viewers in total but was also spotted by the 20th Century Fox operatives. Despite warnings from other Facebook users Franklin did not remove the film.

FBI was quickly involved in the case and the infringer was easily traced. Upon the seizure of his computer ten more copies of Deadpool were found. Franklin was instantly arrested and he is facing one year in jail and a fine of $100,000. Recently, he has signed a settlement that will shorten the prison term. In this settlement he admits to have published the pirate copy of Deadpool on Facebook. So far it is not known when the verdict on Franklin’s case will be announced.

Copyright infringement is a very popular phenomenon on Facebook where numerous movies are published without copyright owners knowledge nor consent. The consequences, however, are becoming more and more frequent as Trevon Maurice’s case shows. (ns.)


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