According to a study conducted by SW Research, almost 50 000 Netflix accounts registered in Poland may be illegally created. Taking into consideration that the average cost of subscription is 45 polish zloty, Netflix is losing 2 million Polish zloty in monthly revenue.

This fraud is based on a scheme where many new accounts are created by bots with free monthly access. Scammers create  multiple accounts and attach a virtual card to it. This is being done on a mass scale and each such account is the sold by a fraction of the nominal price. On Allegro, Olx, and other auction services one can find plenty offers with monthly Netflix access. A significant increase of this phenomenon was observed since the end of 2017.

At this time such “free” accounts can be purchased for as low as 5 polish zloty. The phenomenon is also present on other websites such as Deezer, Showmax or Spotify, but not in such scale. (ns)


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