Iflix, one of the biggest streaming video services in Southeast Asia, claimed that their biggest competitor is piracy. Iflix is available in 25 countries among the Middle East, Asia and Africa with 6.5 milion subscribers. Even though there are many legitimate VOD rivals such as Netflix, Hooq and Hulu,  piracy is the most dangerous one.

The company is undertaking various measures to combat piracy:
– monitor traffic on BitTorrent site to study piracy trends,
– they use market intelligence.

Information that Iflix collects is used to filter the content that the viewers are interested in. In this way, Iflix intends to overtake piracy and offer people the most valuable content in a legal way. (ns)

Source: https://torrentfreak.com/iflix-sees-piracy-as-main-competitor-not-netflix-180330/


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