Soulseek is a file-sharing applications for Windows, Mac and Linux was created by Nir Arbel which quickly became a giant among sites offering free file exchange. The free content that is available through Soulseek is merely copyrighted content and as such each Soulseek user taking part in this is violating the law. Until recently everyone could send a donation to Soulseek through PayPal.

The donations through PayPal were initially disabled in 2015 and then at the beginning of 2016 has been restored for a short time. Soon after that the account was again blocked. PayPal described the reason for disabling Soulseek donation account as “violation of the Acceptable Use of Payment Services Policy” and “Pre-Approval” that was required for file sharing tools.

Nowadays, PayPal finally announced that it will no longer support Soulseek financial services. (ns.)




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