At the International Content Protection Summit 2018, Marcin Przasnyski from the Creative Poland Association presented an outline of the scale of piracy on selected CEE markets.

In Poland there are is largest amount of web sites with pirate content. Both streaming and hosting of pirated content is very popular in Poland. There is as much as 721 piracy websites, 15.5 million regular users and 77 million visits a month.

In Czech Republic and Slovakia there are known 313 web sites with pirated content, 10 million users and 41.7 million visits monthly.

On the other hand, Hungarian piracy is focused on streaming, with very little participation of file hosting. Overall, there are 231 piracy sites, 3.3 million users and 18.8 million visits per month.

Meanwhile, Romania is characterized by high internet speeds and the dominant position of streaming piracy. It has 199 pirate sites, 8.9 million users locally and 32 million visits per month.

Marcin Przasnyski also identified key issues for the region of Central and Eastern Europe in the fight against piracy: the responsibility of local file exchange platforms and the need for a bottom-up strategy and cross-border cooperation. (ns.)


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