80% of Internet users in Poland already use streaming services and every fifth torrent sites.
Tests carried out by Wavemaker Video Track shows current status of SVOD market in Poland. It shows that every third Internet user in Poland watches video content on the web, and some of them pay for it.

In 2017, 25% of Poles declared consumption of video content on the Internet, currently 36%. After splitting into age group categories, we get the following results. Between age 16 and 44, 40-42% of people use video web services, between age 45 and 55 only between 24-32%. In each of these age groups there are significant increases compared to year 2017 when the figures were 21-29% and 17-22%, respectively.

These changes are also associated with increased recognition of video-on-demand services, such as Netflix, HBO Go, and CDA Premium, for which the some internet users pay (51%). Throughout 1,5 year there is an increase of 20%. Netflix is associated with 80% of respondents, HBO GO 77% and CDA Premium 57%. (ns)

Source: https://antyweb.pl/80-internautow-w-polsce-korzysta-juz-ze-streamingu/

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