The notice which was sent to Yandex, the biggest Russian search provider, was signed by music, movie and TV owners. They demanded effective detection and removal of songs, music, movies, TV shows and other type of content. This letter was signed among others by Alexei Byrdin, general director of the Internet Video Association and Leonid Agronov, general director of the National Federation of the Music Industry.

More often third parties are asked for help to prevent online piracy. Companies like Google or Yahoo are blamed for doing so little to counter violations of online copyrights. Entertainment industry companies insist that online search indexes contained pirate content.

Entertainment producers and movie distributors made it very clear that by publishing links to pirate sites in search results Yandex contributes to the growth of Internet piracy, and as such they demand that Yandex take immediate action to monitor and enforce pirate links in their search results.

There are rumors that Google is to receive a similar notice. Search engines are widely accused of promoting illegal materials and redirecting content to the sites that distribute content without copyright. (ns.)


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