A US federal court passed a verdict which accused eight people of breaking copyright law by operating two largest illegal streaming services in the United States. It resulted in loss of millions of dollars by television stations and movie owners.

According to the indictment, the accused party allegedly ran a platform called Jetflicks, an online subscription service based in Las Vegas, which allowed users to stream TV channels protected by copyright, and sometimes download content without permission of its copyright owners.

The accused retransmitted tens of thousands copyrighted TV episodes without permission and distributed programs to paid subscribers located throughout the United States. At one point, Jetflicks claimed to have over 183,200 different television programs. One of the accused separated from Jetflicks and created a competitive site called iStreamItAll (ISIA), which at one time claimed to have 115,849 different TV series and 10,511 individual films. (ns)

Source: https://satkurier.pl/news/183322/8-oskarzonych-o-piracki-streaming.html

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