Disney has just revealed that its video streaming service will be called Disney+. The platform will start in the middle of 2019 and the offer will include all productions from the world of Marvel and Star Wars. Disney also intends to withdraw all of its content currently available on competing streaming platforms such as Netflix.

The website will contain several thematic segments, such as Marvel, Disney, Star Wars, Pixar and National Geographic. Users will be able to buy access to selected sections or pay for access to the entire Disney+ offer. No specific figures have been disclosed yet but Disney has already announced that subscribers will pay less for the subscription than they are currently paying for Netflix.

According to the plan, both the older productions of the group as well as the latest films and original content created specifically for the VoD platform will appear in the Disney+ library. (ns)

Source: https://www.wirtualnemedia.pl/artykul/disney-oferta-ceny-serwis-vod-disneya-wystartuje-w-2019-roku

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