Based in London developer „Shai” offered access to infringing works which reduced income of satellite and broadcast provider. Dish Network demands now to pay almost $ 2 million by Kodi-addon ZemTV.

ZemTV developer Shahjahan Durrani initially wanted to defend himself, however, he stopped due to the high costs. In effect he is demanding a default judgment of 1,950,000 USD.

Appeared information given by federal court of Texas “Defendant infringed DISH’s copyrights on a massive scale by retransmitting the Protected Channels without authorization on ZemTV. Defendant transmitted the Protected Channels on ZemTV for at least 16 months from February 2016 through June 2017.”

Shani received many requests for material removal, but he never did. If copyright infringement is caused consciously, the rightsholder can request the maximum amount of statutory damages, which is $150,000 per work.

Dish claims that ZemTV violated hundreds of songs, but in the lawsuit limits the number to thirteen titles. If a maximum amount of statutory damages is awarded for each work, the sum will be USD 1,950,000. (ns.)


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