A report published by Business Software Alliance organization shows that scale of global piracy decreases. During the last six years share of illegal software in the entire market in Poland has fallen by 7%. In 2011 USD 618M was spent on illegal software while in 2017 only 415.  However, piracy level of 46% in Poland is still higher than creative companies would expect.

According to the BSA, the main reason for people to switch to legal sources of software is economic growth. Dynamically developing economies increase consumption and spending, and this includes computer programs. The second reason is risk of downloading viruses and infecting hardware.

Experts say that it is necessary to introduce regulations that will allow effective software protection and educate people in respect of intellectual property. Studies show that 1% reduction in illegal software should generate additional PLN 2 billion to the state budget and will create 32 thousand new jobs. (ns)

Source: https://www.gry-online.pl/S013.asp?ID=109575

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