Chrome Web Store offers plenty adds, applications and themes to install to give the browser individual character. The Store gives the capability to improve privacy and security by anti-virus programs that are in offer. But there is also a large probability of downloading dangerous, infected add-ons.

Recently, Chrome Store offers add-ons which allegedly redirect to pirated movies. In reality, this is one big fraud created to attract people and generate traffic to subscription sites. On such sites users are presented with bookmarks to movies such as Avengers: Infinity War or Black Panther. After installing the additive Ready Player One, users are transferred to the page that allegedly allows to watch movies online in HD.

In reality, the whole system is a scam that leads to web site. This site pretends to be a pirate streaming portal but there is no real content. When people click on the play button it redirects them to another page and ask to „create a free account” in order to get „access to unlimited streaming”. It is not clear how many people signed up to this site via Google Chrome Store but many of them lost their money as a result of this fraud.  (ns.)



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