One of the first file sharing platform was recently sold to Justin Sun, founder of the popular cryptocurrency TRON. BitTorrent will remain unchanged and all operations will be sustained from TRON’s San Francisco office. Tron and BitTorrent will join forces and together they plan to raise the TRON technology to a new level.

This sharing platform has 100 million active users around the world and one of the highest rated apps on Google Play and other products, including BitTorrent Play (iOS), uTorrent Web and PC and Mac programs. Creators believe that joining the TRON network will strength BitTorrent and accelerate mission.

Justin Sun thinks that BitTorrent perfectly suits the foundation’s goal to decentralize the web, which enables the creation of blockchain projects. It is not yet explained how BitTorrent technology will be integrated into the TRON network and how BitTorrent technology will be included in the TRON network.

They also not given financial details about the acquisition but it is possible that Sun will pay around $140 million for BitTorrent Inc. and its assets. (ns)


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