On August 22, 2019, officers from the Cybercrime Department in Łódź along with the officers of the Economic Crime Department in Sieradz and a specialist from the “Signal” Association entered the flats of two residents of the Sieradz poviat.

During the search in a 52-year-old man flat, officers secured a decoder connected to the Internet, which was used as a card sharing server, i.e. exchange of rights with other recipients who in this way had pirated access to pay TV. A similar situation occurred during the search in the second flat belonging to the accused men.

A representative of the “Signal” association pre-calculated losses for an amount about 10,000 Polish Zloty. Both men were taken to the Sieradz police station, where they heard allegations, for which they could face a prison sentence of up to 3 years. (ns)

Source: https://satkurier.pl/news/183203/przylapano-na-sharingu-mieszkancow-pow-sieradzkiego.html

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