Founder of pirate sites and three investors are after trial in Spain. They were related to the popular, but currently not existing pirate sites of Series Yonkis, Videos Yonkis and Peliculas Yonkis.

The owner of the company Poulsen SL, Alberto García Sola owned the sites. In april 2011 PeliculasYonkis and SeriesYonkis were sold to another company for 610,000 euros. Another accused is Alexis Hoepfner, owner of Burn Media. The other two investors, were Hoepfner’s partners who paid € 175,000 each for involvement in the Yonkis purchase transaction.

The case is based on evidence collected by the group EGEDA and the Spanish Anti-Piracy Federation, which represented the rights of members of the MPAA (including Paramount, Sony, Universal, Walt Disney and Warner Bros). EGEDA demands compensation of 546 million euros from all four men. The Spanish Anti-Piracy Federation requires a total of around 9.5 million euros from them. (ns)


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