The firm will discuss streaming piracy appliances and applications, and their effect on the film industry.  MPAA is taking this case very seriously.  Senior Corporate & Government Relations Director Bert Gómez and Omar Franco will take care of this case. Gomez opened TV broadcaster Univision’s Washington government relations office and has 25 years of experience in lobbying and Franco is Managing Director of Becker’s Washington, D.C. office.

The streaming devices market is a big issue for conversations. Nowdays Kodi is everywhere and many third-party applications, which pretend to be Android.

Showbox or Terrarium are commonly used names for devices that allow watch movies, even if it is illegal. These and similar tools often pre-loaded onto set-top boxes to provide free access to platform like Netflix. These types of applications allow access to all content, no matter how new they are, which means that new videos are available in the first week of launch and this leads to the madness of the studio and their bosses.

The thirty-company global coalition, which also features HBO, Foxtel, Netflix, Amazon, CBS, BBC, Sky, Hulu, Bell Canada, CBS, Lionsgate and Village Roadshow, is currently involved in action against various people in illegal streaming.

Set-top sellers such as SET TV and Tickbox have already gone to court, while various Kodi adduct developers are no longer in line with legal threats. However, this is just the beginning of the fight against illegal streaming, which will be run by MPAA. (ns.)


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